I’m Dominic Baggott, a UK-based technologist.
I help companies improve their software, improve their teams and improve their businesses.

I have over 15 years’ experience developing software and leading teams for a wide variety of clients: NHS, GOV.UK, Marks & Spencer, Lloyds TSB and Channel 5, as well as many smaller companies and startups.

Dom is a rare find. Not only is he an incredibly talented and efficient developer who delivers exceptional work and guidance but he’s a level head and true pleasure to work with. I would be excited to work with him again.

– Paul Joyce, CEO at Geckoboard

I can get hands-on with your Ruby, JavaScript or PHP project to help your team ship a great product.

I can coach your team to deliver great work, whether they need support with technical skills, architecture, or process.

And when I say I can do these things, it's because I've been doing them for my other clients for over a decade:

If you need a senior developer or technical leader on your project and please send me an email at dominic.baggott@gmail.com.